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From the Archives, Scheherazade

I love telling stories because I simply love stories. One of my favorites is One Thousand and One Nights; however, we most often know it by the title Arabian Nights. It comes to us in […]


Nunes -vs- Schiff

“I want nothing. I want nothing. I want no Quid Pro Quo.” – President Donald J. Trump Well, given Trump’s rather disreputable sexual harassment allegations, perhaps he is more versed in the phrase tit for […]


Little Flame Theater | Nurturing Dreams

Igniting a Flame & Watching it Grow I think that it is any creative’s dream to be part of something from its infancy – to see it grow and take off. I’ve had the honor of […]


Life Advice From A Sex Worker

One of the people who came over during my Mid-term Election Project (a project created with the goal of giving people a platform to voice their concerns and viewpoints) was Fox Danger. Her copy included […]