Monthly Archives: September 2021


Headshot Update; Rudy

Rudy De La Cruz came for an update to his headshot. We had a blast from the get go. He was warm and funny he told me about acting gigs where they had to trash […]


Laughter is the best medicine

Most days it doesn’t feel like my job is as a headshot photographer, more like a laugh therapist. For the majority of people I work with being in front of the camera can be nerve […]


Headshots Help Build Relationships.

Headshots Help Build Relationships. Want to form a stronger connection with customers or potential employers?  Show them your face. A great headshot can portray your personality and authenticity  more clearly and help build a great connection […]


Shana Tova!

Rosh Hashana, the new year begins this week. This kicks off the Jewish high holiday cycle and is a time of reflection and prayer. I wish you all a shana-tova, a happy new year, may […]