3 Tips for Small Business Success | Getting Your Content Out

Done is better than perfect! The first step to increasing your online brand awareness is getting your message and content out! The good news is that you do not need to over analyze each and every post. If you wait until you have it perfect, you might find you’ll never get it out. Here are some helpful tips on how to begin:

Aim for Consistency.

First, set up a posting schedule & determine:

1)    Which social media platforms will you use?

2)    How often would you like to post on each (aim for a minimum of one per week on each platform).

3)    How often will you post on your blog (again, at least once per week)

And stick to it! The content needs to look professional as well as intrigue and engage your audience, but try not to overthink it too much.


How to think of topics:

1)    Jot down ideas in your phone or journal as they hit you throughout the day.

2)    Write down any questions that pique your interest, as your audience probably feels the same way.

3)    For inspiration, read other blogs and follow people on social media who cover similar topics – WITHOUT copying their content.

Collect Your Imagery

Posting good material consistently is great, but pairing it with exceptional imagery will provide the influence & impact you’re looking for. You need high-quality images that represent you & your brand – i.e. personal brand photography. How do you get that?

1.     Invest in personal brand photography

Without the help of a personal brand photographer, you would have 10 steps instead of that single simple step. Collecting, cropping, editing, and sorting through images on your own could take hours of your precious time. But when you partner with me, I will provide you with an entire collection (3-months’ worth!) of imagery for your social media and website posts. Simply open your folder, pick your image, and post it online with your content. Voila! The hardest step in the process just became the easiest.

To build your personal brand collection, drop a line at harry@harrypocius.com.

Happy posting, friends!

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