A little head shot goes a long way.

So, in my synagogue there is a gentleman who gives a wonderful class (shiur) after morning prayers. He is affable, a great story teller and an all around nice guy. One day I noticed a poster of classes for an upcoming holiday and saw his portrait, low quality, orange, etc. The kind of photo that is taken on the fly with a cell phone. He looked good, but the picture did not. Worst it was put next to a portrait of his wife, one of the synagogue’s Rabbas. Her photo in contrast made her look professional and elegant, making his look not professional, like this was his first speaking engagement.

The profile photo or avatar, also called a head shot, is your first impression to visitors on your site or social media. In these days of snap judgement online it is imperative that you not only put your best foot forward, but definitely put your best face forward!
This should be the first step on your venture out into the web. Like buying a suit when pursuing a business career. Make it a good one and get some variations that you can sprinkle around different social media platforms.
As a personal Brand Photographer in NYC this is where my packages start, with a simple session designed to make you look your best and get you started on your path to success.

So what about the gentleman in my synagogue? I approached him and mentioned his photo, he immediately started saying that he didn’t like it and how bad it looked next to his wife’s. The excitement of a solution to this problem was evident when I mentioned I am a photographer specializing in personal brand photos. I followed up with him and we were able to set a date. Needles to say, the results made him and his wife very happy.

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