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Summer with the Kids

A Time to Rejuvenate  One of the things that somehow eludes us each year is going to the beach. If we are lucky we get to a beach once a summer. You know how it […]


Five Things TransMen Probably Want You To Know.

There are times when I do a shoot with someone, when I want to write an article about a topic, that I quickly realize that the interesting thing for me is their viewpoint, their experience. […]


A little head shot goes a long way.

So, in my synagogue there is a gentleman who gives a wonderful class (shiur) after morning prayers. He is affable, a great story teller and an all around nice guy. One day I noticed a […]


5 Benefits of Specialized Photography for Personal Brands

One of the most important pieces in personal branding is creating your image. Humans are visual. We respond to what we see. And when we like what we see, we connect to it and dig […]


The “How” of Personal Brand Photography

How does personal brand photography help you? With a studio based in New York City, my forte and passion is telling stories through still photography. It’s way more than a head-shot. Personal brand photography is about conveying your […]


5 Tips for Making the Most of Your Personal Brand Photography Collection | Part II

Ready to see the rest of the tips on how to speak your message into the world? Read on! 4. Let the Photos Inspire Your Copy  Some days you know exactly what to post, and […]


5 Tips for Making the Most of Your Personal Brand Photography Collection | Part I

Now that you’ve completed your session with me and you have several months’ worth of fun, intriguing, professional photos right at your fingertips, how can you best utilize them to get your grand and your […]


Who Needs Personal Brand Photography?

Put simply, if you value your personal brand beyond the smudged selfie or the same over-used stock photos that other entrepreneurs, influencers, and start-ups are using, then personal brand photography is for you. ⠀ If you […]


Personal Branding 101

First things first, what is personal branding? In short, personal branding is the practice of marketing yourself, career, or brand. It means defining who you are by determining your mission and goals as well as […]


Break free from your do it all yourself prison!

I know how easy it is to get sucked into thinking, “I handle my own social media. I don’t want to add an extra expense to have someone do it for me.” Then you sit […]