Headshot Update; Rudy

Rudy De La Cruz came for an update to his headshot. We had a blast from the get go.

He was warm and funny he told me about acting gigs where they had to trash ten entire minutes of footage for one blip even though everyone loved the take.

He also cracked me up with tales of the red carpet. Part of my coaching is having actors try to envision themselves on the red carpet, channeling a super star. In Rudy’s case he actually walked the red carpet, but for a film he didn’t know he’d been cut from!

This experience was vastly different tho and I think he channeled his inner super star during the shoot. Good luck Rudy I know you’re going to go far!

This is what Rudy had to say about his experience;

“(Harry) is running a business but he’s doing it with so much heart and class. He made me feel COMFORTABLE, he made me feel at ease, and most importantly he made me feel like I was doing a good job.

Mind you HE IS THE ONE working! But he’s engaging, funny and passionate. I didn’t think we’d get the shot. I wasn’t feeling great. We got the shot. And another one. And another one. Harry was listening to the great DJ Khalid or something because shot after shot we kept getting looks that I of all people was happy with.”

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