Laughter is the best medicine

Most days it doesn’t feel like my job is as a headshot photographer, more like a laugh therapist.

For the majority of people I work with being in front of the camera can be nerve wracking. They don’t know how to deal with that big hunk of plastic glass and metal staring them down. “What do I do?” Is the first thing they utter when behind the lights.

 That’s where the laugh therapy comes in, I’ll say and do things to get a smile, a laugh, even a little chuckle. That’s where I want you, relaxed and enjoying the session.

I’ll get you where you need to be, but the first part is to let go of the tension. How else are you going to rock that super star confident look?

 How about you? Do you tense up in front of a camera or are Joe cool? Or do you avoid it all together?

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