Life Advice From A Sex Worker

One of the people who came over during my Mid-term Election Project (a project created with the goal of giving people a platform to voice their concerns and viewpoints) was Fox Danger.

Her copy included talking about being a sex worker. I know it’s a somewhat taboo topic – one few people want to ask about and one that is rarely discussed on a deeper level. Honestly, that’s all me and my own deep-brain dilemmas. 

Still, curiosity kept the topic fresh in my mind, and when the opportunity presented itself, I jumped at the chance to work with Fox again. She was a pleasure working with on my last project, and what started out as a meeting between Fox, my assistant Lee, and me quickly grew into a plan to create eight portraits around the theme of jobs that Fox had had, with the last one being the one she planned to do next!

A problem I encounter on some of these projects is that although I would love to write the content myself, I find that it isn’t honest to the subject matter – or those showcased in the project – to do so.

What do I know about being a stripper? I know it is a job. I also know it is one of the few jobs women get paid more than men. Beyond that, it is outside of my circle of experiences, and that is what this project, as I hope most of my projects, tries to do; to throw a little perspective and understanding onto seldom talked about degrees of the human experience.

So, in the end I messaged Fox. (Well, she messaged first asking when this project would be done.) We talked and went in the direction of advice she has for different jobs she’s done.

To me, this speaks directly to human experience and helps us understand each other a little better. Plus, I really like her simplicity and straightforwardness in dishing out truth. I’m excited to present to you: 

Fox Danger’s Advice on Life

On being a nanny:

Life Advice From a Sex Worker

“Don’t undersell yourself, and know what skills you bring to the table.
Difficult children are hard; difficult parents are impossible!

On fortune telling:

Life Advice From a Sex Worker

Take the time to learn the cards, but learn to listen to your intuition.
Having a friend who will kick off the training wheels helps.

On being a therapist:

Life Advice From a Sex Worker

It’s not worth the price of the education.

On bartending:

Life Advice From a Sex Worker

Avoid bartending school. Google is your friend when it comes to learning how to mix drinks.
Work in a bar that matches your style.
Learn to stand your ground. I learned confidence from bartending without a supervisor.

Not Your Mama’s Foot Model:

Life Advice From a Sex Worker

Get a foot dude!
There are of ways to make money beyond penetrative sex – take advantage of it.

On being a stripper:

Life Advice From a Sex Worker

If you’re comfortable getting naked in front of others, try it! You learn a lot as you go. Just remember: even though you are mainly there for the male gaze, YOU ARE ALLOWED TO HAVE YOUR LIMITS! Boundaries are yours to control.

On doing Burlesque:

Life Advice From a Sex Worker

First and foremost, be aware of conflicts going on and try to stay neutral; there is drama everywhere!
Just have fun with it. Burlesque is all about having fun with what you’re doing.

On following Your Dream:

Life Advice From a Sex Worker

Find your vibe. Do it because you love it and find it interesting.
There is a niche for you. It might not have been established yet, but you can pave the way.

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