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Igniting a Flame & Watching it Grow

I think that it is any creative’s dream to be part of something from its infancy – to see it grow and take off. I’ve had the honor of helping a budding theater company with photography, and I was recently asked to do formal photos of the creators of Little Flame Theatre: Drew Bolander and Kelsey Hercs. I couldn’t be more excited for them after all the work they’ve put into launching this, and I couldn’t wait to highlight them on the blog.

Here’s a recent interview I had with them:

little flame theater

HP: Why is theatre an important experience for all?

Kelsey Hercs: Theatre is one of the most effective ways for an audience to develop empathy for people whose lives they would not otherwise encounter. It’s important to tell meaningful stories so the world doesn’t miss out on the chance to be moved by them. 

HP: What does it take to put on a production?

Kelsey Hercs: The decision to take up the responsibility of telling even a small fraction of those nearly-forgotten stories requires a bit of courage, a bit of humility, and (counterintuitively) a bit of hubris – all in fluctuating measures. Those measurements are difficult to balance and there have certainly been times when, as a writer or an actor, I’ve felt ill-equipped for the challenge. Taking the greater step of starting a theatre company – Little Flame – is a greater challenge and responsibility still. I’m sure we’ll make mistakes, but I hope we make some great theatre, too.

little flame theater

HP: What has been your greatest challenge?

Kelsey Hercs: Funny enough, our greatest hurdle so far has still been trying to find a lawyer and an accountant! Know anyone?

HP: How did you get your start?

Drew Bolander: The formation of this company, which is still in the process, burst forth organically from our friendship. Kelsey and I have connected over our shared love of good theatre since we met in high school. While other kids were off getting high we were watching Merchant Ivory films and reading Shakespeare aloud, together. 

HP: What was your first production together?

Drew Bolander: We came up with a concept for the musical Cabaret and had the thing cut, cast, and choreographed; however, the demands of school intervened, and the thing never saw the light of day. But a seed was sown. 

little flame theater

HP: What made you want to continue even after Cabaret didn’t take off?

Drew Bolander: After reconnecting in New York, we started up sharing production concepts for our favorite plays. When Kelsey began writing plays, I hopped on board to help bring them to the stage. With four productions under our belt we figured: why not take the leap and make this official? And here we are!

There you have it! Stay tuned for more from Little Flame!
To learn more and find out what they have coming up check out their website at learn more and find out what they have coming up check out at

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