Summer Doldrums | What’s a Creative to Do?

Summer is definitely in full swing, and if you are a creative this means the summer doldrums have hit! Most creative jobs stop – or at least dramatically slow down – during the summer months. People go, or run, away from the sweltering heat and the constant sweat lodge that is our subway system. It’s hard to imagine a time before AC!

Panic or Practice?

The long, slow days of summer are a time for some to start panicking about ever getting a job again. Or, if you are more level-headed, now is the perfect time to revisit personal projects and revive your inspiration. 

What have I been up to the past few weeks? I have been kicking one idea around for a long time. It involved a specific location I heard about in the late eighties and have not had the time to revisit. This summer, I made a commitment to keep working with my assistant at least twice a week, and this week we finally made it over to my dream location. Not going to reveal where it is (and if you do know please don’t say a word).

The catacomb-like walkways, stone arches, and red brick hiding spots allow shimmers of light in an otherwise dark world. It looks like something you would imagine in Harry Potteror a thrilling mystery film. I can play the mood up even more by changing the lighting and hair, makeup, and wardrobe styles of my subjects. The possibilities are endless with this unique dark and moody hidden gem. The tunnels seem a little creepy at first, but I love them because of their ability to build symbolism and dimension into the photos. I quickly forgot about the heat as I let my creative heart run wild – and thankfully my assistant was equally excited about shooting.

Check them out! And stay tuned for more inspiration. Until then, keep honing your craft, creative friends!

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