Summer with the Kids

A Time to Rejuvenate 

One of the things that somehow eludes us each year is going to the beach. If we are lucky we get to a beach once a summer. You know how it goes: you think summertime is endless, but then it’s gone in an instant. How are we already halfway through August?!But this year I made a concerted effort to get to the beach more than that, and so far we’ve gone three times! 

If you don’t know New York City beaches, NY has a lot to offer! Orchard beach on Long Island Sound is close to us, and it has a nice long stretch of beach. This year the water was pleasantly warm, so we spent as much time swimming as possible. 

One of my favorite things about our trips was watching my family through the lens. I spent most of my time playing with the kiddos and relaxing with my lovely wife, but when I did reach for the camera, I noticed so much that I don’t want to miss! The kids are growing up and transforming into amazing young adults. They both seem so confident and poised – on the brink of adulthood – and they’ve grown out of much of their endearing childhood clumsiness. But childhood is still very much alive in them. I can not tell you how much joy it brought me to dig a hole in the sand with my daughter. She still laughed and climbed right in at the end. And I explored with my son and watched the sparkle in his eyes as he happened upon something new. These moments are precious, and I am so thankful we made time to enjoy them together. For times like these, work can certainly wait. 

What are your summer time adventures? Are you taking time off to spend with your family?

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