What to Expect

2021-08-10_Victoria Rodriguez00786_Ed_W

*Longest session run approximately an hour, but please don't make any important appointments for after your session as I am happy to take more time if necessary.

*Bring 5-6 tops with accessories like ties, scarves, sweaters and jackets. Make sure your outfits are the ones you love, look, and feel great in! Don't ever wear something you don't feel comfortable in because you think it "might look good for the camera".

*Bottoms are up to you. Headshot sessions are head and shoulders to mid chest. So if you need the full outfit to feel your best than do it! But feel free to dress for the season and comfort too, meaning shorts or jeans, etc.

*Comfortable shoes are a must as you'll be standing the entire session.

*During the session I will shoot straight to a computer so you can see and review your photos as we go along. This will help double check your outfits and expressions, but don't worry I'll be coaching you every step of the way to ensure you get awesome shots!

*After your session you will choose which images you want. Your session fee includes one image but you can purchase as many as you need or want, and you only take what you absolutely love!

*A note on grooming for men, if you have facial hair make sure it's trimmed and edged the way you like and stubble free. Either way make sure nose and ear hairs are attended to before your session.

*A note on makeup for women, makeup should be light and minimal with no heavy foundation you want to look like you having a great day. Although optional I strongly suggest hiring a makeup artist. A good makeup artist will not only get your makeup perfect they will help with your hair and any touch ups you might need during your session. If you would like to hire a make up artist just let me know as I have a few I work with.